How to Save Money on a Web Designer

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I’ve run into a lot of small businesses who routinely say that they cannot afford a big redesign, yet they know that their website sucks. Please take this article with a grain of salt, because there are plenty of sites that just need to be scrapped. But if you are in a position where you’re at least partially happy with your current site, perhaps the best thing to do is form a relationship with a designer or a design agency and discuss the parts of your site that you like, and the parts that you don’t like.

The current design for has changed a lot over the past year, and yet it has largely remained the same. When there’s an area I feel isn’t performing well, or is under-utilized, I make a change. Sometimes these changes take minutes, and sometimes they take hours. If I were billing these out, I’d sometimes have to pay more than other times, but overall it’s MUCH cheaper than if I were paying to completely start over every time.

As a design agency, we love when we have return work. If you come back for a few tweaks on your header, or to add a new section to the footer, we already know what your preferences are and what you did/didn’t want before. So you’re saving both sides loads time in communication. But by forming a relationship with your design team, I can almost guarantee that you won’t just save time and money upfront. You’ll be giving a chance for that agency to offer you discounts for continued work, and get to know you better as a friend, not just a client.

Advantages of a Long-Term Partnership

1. Website is constantly being given attention

This ensures that things don’t grow stagnate and stale. Your site will constantly be in the process of renewal and be able to change with your business. It also creates the opportunity for the design team to meet needs you can’t initially foresee.

2. Lower costs

Again, by incrementing your changes, you don’t have to face that big redesign number. Also, you increase your chances of receiving any discounts.

3. Professional advice

Agencies are pros at what they do. They deal with the web day in and day out, so chances are, they can give you some pretty good advice on that header you want to change or that blog you want to improve. One of our biggest strengths is being able to decipher Website Analytics. With one quick look, I can tell you which blog posts are generating the most traffic, which pages people are neglecting, and where your most valuable space is.

image credit: mmckennedy