Photoshop CS5 HUGE Performance Boost

I’ve been trying out CS5 for the past couple weeks and overall seen a lot of things that are nice, but not really worth the cost of the upgrade. The main reason I decided to check it out was because of Photoshop CS4 has a nasty habit of taking all my iMac’s resources and basically locking it up. But today I came across a tweet by my friend George Coghill that pointed to a wildly helpful article.

I followed the post’s advice and changed my cache size from 128K to 1024K and I saw a HUGE gain in performance. My RAM usage with the same file when down by nearly 1 GB when opening the same file (I generally deal with 40MB+ psds)! I am pleasantly surprised at this little trick and I’d encourage you to check it out yourself.

Here’s the original post.