Thoughts on the New Apple Cinema Display

New Apple 27" Cinema Display

With the exception being the iphone, I rarely take much notice when Apple makes a hardware release. This is mainly just because I’m already happy with the Apple hardware I have and don’t normally run out and buy the latest Mac. I like to run my stuff into the ground (as some of you know with my car). However, I found yesterday’s announcement particularly interesting thanks to the comments of Marco, the lead Tumblr developer. His main point being that the great screen (worth reading about) found in the 27″ iMac is now available available in September on it’s own for $999. That’s certainly not cheap for a screen, but Marco sums it up nicely when he writes:

The old 30” Cinema Display, which cost $1799 with the same horizontal resolution, slightly more vertical resolution, and much worse response time, contrast, and image quality, has just been effectively replaced with a $999 monitor that’s far nicer.

So in a sense it’s like an $800 price drop. I’ve been strongly considering a new iMac that can handle more RAM than the 4GB limitation on my current one. However, with this observation by Marco, I now see a MacBook Pro as a very possible alternative. What do you think?