3 Great CSS3 Generators

Remember the days when you could code up a page without needing 3 different declarations for 3 different browsers and beautiful fonts were just a pipe dream? Ah, those days sucked! Today is way better because we have CSS3 to give us awesome rounded corners and background gradients. The only problem is with each broswer’s implementation of said awesomeness, there’s a different way we have to write the styles. Background-gradients are notoriously difficult, especially if you want to make your IE users get something pretty too. So, here’s 3 of my favorite tools to help you create gorgeous websites. I use them constantly when writing my CSS. And while you’re at it, it would do you good to check out SASS and LESS if you haven’t already!


  1. Layer Styles – Probably the coolest interface of all, it resembles the Photoshop blending options panel. But I’ve had it act a little buggy for me at times.
  2. CSS3 Generator – Boring name. Amazing tool. The author really went above and beyond to make sure you could learn and write good CSS.
  3. The Ultimate CSS3 Gradient Generator – The name says it all! This thing really is the best I’ve seen. It’s so good, the author of the CSS3 Generator even links to it, saying that it was better than anything he could write. You’ll get gradients for nearly every browser, which is why it’d be great to use some LESS techniques to make sure you’re not pasting 8 lines of code all over your CSS file, willy-nilly.