Sketching The Web

In 2009 I ordered a package of stencils/graph paper from which began to transform my sloppy sketches into a beautiful wireframe. When I work with clients or even on my own projects, I often start off with my pencil and pad sketching away. Sometimes it turns out great, sometimes not so much. I thought I’d share some of my sketches just for fun. If you want to get started sketching or are curious for more reasons why sketching is a great part of the creative process, there was a great writeup in last year’s 24 ways.

This is an unused concept sketch I did for Victoria of Candles by Victoria

The original sketch that became my Mori Theme

My sketch for the style of this very blog. I almost think it's better than the actual blog

This was a sketch for a project for GigaOm where I was rethinking their current post footer