Stuff I learned at RailsConf & BohConf Day 1

Quick note: you can periodically check my posterous for some conference pics if you’re so inclined.

Today #RailsConf started out with a bang for Scott and I as we showed up ready to learn and quickly were turned away because today is actually full of tutorials, and our tickets did not inlcude the tutorial section of the conference. So we downed some caffeine, put on a smile, and headed over to #BohConf and hung out listening to a few talks and mostly socializing and hanging out with like-minded rails dev. We didn’t learn loads today, but here’s a few things I picked up about our new aquaintences.

1. Rails devs love iPhones and MacBooks. These are definitely the tools of the trade here. Tons of geeks walking around with their nose in an iPhone, occasionally bumping into one another, in hopes of finding their destination – me included.

2. Rails devs love to give back and help. Not only have I received a ton of help from people I hardly know, everyone is constantly buzzing about the community behind rails and ruby. One of the guys Scott and I had the opportunity to meet organized an open-source school for intermediate rails developers. I was astonished at his commitment to helping others become better at this great framework.

Day One ended with a series of 5-minute lightning talks called Ignite. There were 16 speakers in all, but unfortunately we missed a few of them grabbing a bite of dinner. It was a great preview of what’s to come, but some of the speakers topics disagreed with each other: starting more vs. starting less, quality vs. quantity, etc.

If you’re coming to railsconf and you weren’t here today, all in all I don’t think you missed much in terms of content, but I doubt there will be a better day for making new contacts. I look forward to making new connections and doing my best to blog about some of the great stuff the speakers cover!