Matt Reed


About Painted Digital

Hi there! Matt here. I’m the founder and proud owner of Painted Digital. I started Painted Digital to escape from the drudgery of working underneath someone else’s creative ideas and really get to run on my own with projects. I design and often code all the things you see here. Much of my work has been for other employers, but in September 2009, I started working on my own projects and freelancing. I’m currently accepting work and would be happy to hear about any project you would like my help on.


Web Design & Development

The web is my bread and butter. I’ve tried to escape it, but I just can’t stop making things for the web. I started back in 1999 when I was only 13! I’ve learned a lot since then and the web has changed a lot, but having such a fond relationship with it, I have a great grasp on current trends and marketing. If you commission me to design your website, I will work very quickly to get you the look you need. Whether it’s a sleek, full professional site, or one-page CD promotion, I can help you get a fantastic new site.

I build my sites on the most popular platform on the web right now, known as WordPress. WordPress provides you with a great visual way to update your content all on your own. Once you have your site, you won’t need to pay me anymore! Isn’t that great? Wait a second… Anyhow, by building for WordPress, it also means that you can change the look in the future, without losing your content. It also allows multiple users, email updating, and much more. It’s a fantastic system and I highly recommend it.

Branding & Logos

Growing up I always was drawing. Whether it was a character from a video game, TV show, or just coming up for icons for my friends’ clubs and bands. I never thought of the usefulness of this skill until I learned Graphic Design. I specialize in creative characters and logos and I absolutely love seeing a brand come to life!


Piggy-backing off of the above paragraph is my work in Illustration. It stems from the same passion for drawing and — what else — illustrating! Recent changes to the video game market especially has opened the door for freelance illustration and character creation. If you are developing a game and would like to work with me, I’d be thrilled. I also have experience in CD-cover design and would love to make your cover art.


You may notice in my portfolio a number of Flash® projects that I’ve done. I still love the interaction that Flash provides, but I believe at this point the web is moving away from the use and the need of Flash altogether. There are many applications for it and I’m not opposed to using it, but no longer feel like it is a necessary thanks to many new Javascript frameworks that are now available. At any rate, if you feel like you can use my Flash skills, don’t hesitate to contact me about it.


Photography seems to have been given the least attention here on Painted Digital. It’s not because I think this is my weakest skill, but rather because I nearly feel it deserves it’s own site! My small showcase here on Painted Digital is to give you a taste of what can be done with my lens.