How to use Linked Smart Objects in Photoshop CC 14.2

The Photoshop team today just changed the game with their latest update to PS by enabling smart objects to be shared across multiple files and automatically kept in sync. If used properly, I believe this feature will be one of the most valuable additions to the application in recent years. The way that Adobe set […]

Fix for blank web inspector in Safari 6

Have this problem in Safari 6.0? Untick “Use WebKit Web Inspector.” Problem solved.

Paul Boag – Client-centric Web Design

Paul Boag gave a great talk about working with (not dealing with) clients at Future Insights Live 2012 that I wish I could’ve heard years ago. His insights were so good that I had to share them. I hope the web design community can rally behind some of these ideas. Even though I now work for […]

Mike Kus – 10 Things I’ve Learned

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you know who Mike Kus is. But if you’re unfamiliar with his work, hop over to and enjoy your designer envy rising to new heights. Mike has been a big inspiration to me for a few years now and I recently had the opportunity to hear him talk at […]

Why Path is my new Gowalla

Gowalla was one of my favorite apps, and like most users, I’ve been saddened by it’s decline and recent changes. If you’ve never used it, Gowalla is an app like Foursquare or Facebook check-ins for telling your friends where you are visiting. Gowalla was different than those because you could find neat digital items and […]

3 Great CSS3 Generators

Remember the days when you could code up a page without needing 3 different declarations for 3 different browsers and beautiful fonts were just a pipe dream? Ah, those days sucked! Today is way better because we have CSS3 to give us awesome rounded corners and background gradients. The only problem is with each broswer’s […]

Where my arrows at?

Apple has made an interesting UX decision evident in the current beta of iOS 5. They’ve removed the left and right arrows within the photos area that allowed a user to quickly swap images. Now the only navigation option is to swipe. While swiping is nice, I personally disagree with the choice and hope to […]

iOS 5 Beta – Should you install it? The good, the bad,…

With all the excitement surrounding the Apple announcement on Monday, it seems many people I know have taken the plunge and put the new iOS 5 beta onto their primary phones. But there is a cost for installing pre-release software. If you’re still on the fence about it, this post should help you decide whether […]

Stuff I learned at RailsConf & BohConf Day 1

Quick note: you can periodically check my posterous for some conference pics if you’re so inclined. Today #RailsConf started out with a bang for Scott and I as we showed up ready to learn and quickly were turned away because today is actually full of tutorials, and our tickets did not inlcude the tutorial section […]

Sketching The Web

In 2009 I ordered a package of stencils/graph paper from which began to transform my sloppy sketches into a beautiful wireframe. When I work with clients or even on my own projects, I often start off with my pencil and pad sketching away. Sometimes it turns out great, sometimes not so much. I thought […]