Fix for blank web inspector in Safari 6

Have this problem in Safari 6.0? Untick “Use WebKit Web Inspector.” Problem solved.

3 Great CSS3 Generators

Remember the days when you could code up a page without needing 3 different declarations for 3 different browsers and beautiful fonts were just a pipe dream? Ah, those days sucked! Today is way better because we have CSS3 to give us awesome rounded corners and background gradients. The only problem is with each broswer’s […]

Stuff I learned at RailsConf & BohConf Day 1

Quick note: you can periodically check my posterous for some conference pics if you’re so inclined. Today #RailsConf started out with a bang for Scott and I as we showed up ready to learn and quickly were turned away because today is actually full of tutorials, and our tickets did not inlcude the tutorial section […]

Mori Tumblr Customization

Lately it seems that Tumblr has been getting a lot of attention. It’s been said that it’s exploding with growth and conversely it’s becoming notoriously unreliable. One of our clients who purchased Mori for Tumblr recently contracted us to do some customizations and I thought it turned out well! You can check out her blog […]

Using Ninja Skills to Take Down A WordPress Virus

Oddly, I have acquired a WordPress virus for the second time now. And both versions have been the same attack: My posts and pages all get a script added to the end of them which will redirect the viewer once per day I believe. The worst part is that it infects all posts and pages. […]

How to Embed Fonts for Posterous & Tumblr

2010 certainly seems to be the year of font embedding. There are new services centering around fonts popping up like daisies. Though they are all certainly useful and have their place, there’s one I’ve been relying on more and more, called Font Squirrel. The reason why I like Font Squirrel so much is because they […]

CSS Quick Tip: When Good Fonts Go Bad

Above you can see a styled font from a recent project we did that has been ruined by CSS. We embeded this font using @font-face (which is much more consistent than a js/flash embed). The image above is using the default H3 tag which likes to bolden things and ruin your great looking fonts. The […]

Kicking IE to the Curb for Some Round Corners

Lately there’s been a lot of buzz about CSS3 and its new features.  Articles are popping up like daisies!  The Web Designer’s wall is showing examples of CSS3 and Design informer tells us we can “Use CSS3 Now” (fantastic agreement with this post, btw).  But I’m most concerned about one thing in CSS3 – rounded […]

Keeping up with Google: How to Track External Links with the…

In this post, I will introduce you to the latest analytics code from Google, show you how you can update your inline external link tracking to work with it, and then demonstrate how to use a javascript framework to do all the heavy lifting for you.

CSS3 Columns!

I was so excited today to discover CSS3′s new support for columns. This is something that I really have wanted for a while, but felt it was too difficult and took too much time to otherwise try and implement.