Why Path is my new Gowalla

Gowalla was one of my favorite apps, and like most users, I’ve been saddened by it’s decline and recent changes. If you’ve never used it, Gowalla is an app like Foursquare or Facebook check-ins for telling your friends where you are visiting. Gowalla was different than those because you could find neat digital items and […]

Where my arrows at?

Apple has made an interesting UX decision evident in the current beta of iOS 5. They’ve removed the left and right arrows within the photos area that allowed a user to quickly swap images. Now the only navigation option is to swipe. While swiping is nice, I personally disagree with the choice and hope to […]

iOS 5 Beta – Should you install it? The good, the bad,…

With all the excitement surrounding the Apple announcement on Monday, it seems many people I know have taken the plunge and put the new iOS 5 beta onto their primary phones. But there is a cost for installing pre-release software. If you’re still on the fence about it, this post should help you decide whether […]

Stuff I learned at RailsConf & BohConf Day 1

Quick note: you can periodically check my posterous for some conference pics if you’re so inclined. Today #RailsConf started out with a bang for Scott and I as we showed up ready to learn and quickly were turned away because today is actually full of tutorials, and our tickets did not inlcude the tutorial section […]

Reward vs. Punishment as a Freelancer – How to Improve…

Now that the holidays are well over, it’s about time I gave the blog some of my attention again. I have given thought to the idea of expanding my topics a bit, as I am frequently in love with the “flavor of the week.” But today’s blog falls in line with my writing on business. […]

Finally Got Business Cards!

Just in time for a little world traveling. I put it off so long because my business is 90% online only.

How to Save Money on a Web Designer

This post is part of a new section on Painted Digital of Business posts and is presented by Pinch Studios, a new face in iPhone development. I’ve run into a lot of small businesses who routinely say that they cannot afford a big redesign, yet they know that their website sucks. Please take this article […]

Thoughts on “Delivering Happiness”

“Delivering Happiness” is a book by Tony Hsieh (pronounced “shay”) I picked up recently after hearing about it from Kevin Rose, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Tim Ferriss. It’s actually the first Kindle book that I’ve purchased, despite not actually owning a Kindle! I actually started reading the sample on my iPhone, which was a really pleasant experience, […]

Pill Prompter To Be Released Oct 1st – Win a Free Copy!

Pill Prompter To Be Released Oct 1st – Win a Free Copy! This is an app that I designed and built with my good friend Andrew Carter. We spent a lot of time on this and really hope you check it out!

Thoughts on the New Apple Cinema Display

With the exception being the iphone, I rarely take much notice when Apple makes a hardware release. This is mainly just because I’m already happy with the Apple hardware I have and don’t normally run out and buy the latest Mac. I like to run my stuff into the ground (as some of you know […]